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Serving Seltzer at Wedding Receptions



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If there’s one thing that is certain in the world of professional bartending, it’s that serving seltzer at wedding receptions goes a long way. Whether you’re serving the traditional strong liquor such as brandy, whiskey, gin, ale or liqueur, seltzer is a very easy drink to mix for any type of gathering. This is especially true when there are a wide variety of flavors to choose from. You can also make seltzer ice cubes for sipping or you can buy premade mixes that come in attractive bottles and boxes. Either way, seltzer makes an excellent choice for a sophisticated cocktail.

One of the most popular reasons that seltzer is a good choice for wedding receptions is that it’s relatively inexpensive compared to some other drinks. Many couples enjoy spending money on fine wines for their weddings, but when you consider how much money can be poured into alcohol for the big day, it’s obvious that fewer glasses of wine for less money is ideal.

The same is true for seltzer: while you may pay less to serve at a wedding reception, it’s still more cost efficient than buying numerous bottles of liquor for your guests. Checkout some White Claw Reviews.

Serve Seltzer in Style:

Guests tend to have different tastes when it comes to cold drinks. Some guests will want something light, sassy, and maybe even a bit sweet; others prefer a dryer, simpler glass of beverage.

That’s why you’ll find seltzer available in a wide range of styles, including the old standby (white), as well as some fancier choices such as “ice wine” and “sour.”

These choices will help your guests get the most enjoyment out of their ice cold beverage, and they’re also easier to serve. Additionally, it’s always nice to provide guests with variety.

Inspire Your Guests:

If you’ve chosen to serve seltzer at a wedding reception, you’ve likely already spent a lot of time planning and putting together the affair. One thing you can do to inspire your guests to keep their cool is to provide them with a variety of drink mix to choose from.

This way, they don’t feel forced to drink the same stuff they already know they like. If there are two types of seltzer they’ve tasted, or they haven’t had enough of one kind, let them explore the wide selection on offer!

Has Ice Baby:

Adding an ice cream base to any dessert isn’t just for summer weddings; it’s also quite popular at wintertime. What’s nice about offering guests an ice cream base with their drink of choice is that they can use frozen treat toppings (such as chocolate) on their beverages without having to worry about a cold glass of ice.

Additionally, you may want to offer your guests a variety of different flavors of ice cream toppings so that none is too plain. For example, you can make a vanilla ice cream base with crushed strawberries and raspberries. That way, each person can choose their favorite flavor for their special occasion.

Serve Other Food As Well:

As an addition to the ice cream, you can also offer guests other foods as a dessert. Perhaps you have a cobbler that you want to go along with the ice cream. Instead of just putting it on the dessert table, place it in a plastic cake pan to be served to your guests.

It will be much easier for them to help themselves, especially if you have a few different ones on hand – or make arrangements with local bakeries to supply your guests with freshly baked treats as well.

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