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10 Blog Ideas for Wedding Planners



Wedding Planners

“When you have exhausted all the possibilities, remember this: YOU HAVEN’T.” – Thomas Edison

Let’s get things straight. The job of a wedding planner is not easy, especially when they also do blogging. You need to unleash your creative side to come up with a brilliant idea for your blog. And just like any writers, you need to some inspiration to achieve what you want.

However, that’s not always been the case. Yes, there may be hundreds to thousands of wedding ideas, but sometimes, ideas aren’t coming to your mind. And yes, it happens to every wedding planner who blogs.

To give you some ideas, we list down the top ten writing prompts for your blog.

Wedding Planners

1. Ways to honor lost loved ones

There will always be, if not all, couples who have lost their loved ones and cannot share the wedding celebration with the bride and groom. Perhaps, you can write about some ways on how couples can honor their lost loved ones.

2. Top Ways to Recycle Wedding Items

As we all know, weddings happen once. And there are a lot of stuff that can still be of use for the next wedding event. Perhaps, you can write about how you can creatively recycle the items that can benefit new brides.

3. Seasonal Trends

For every season, there are corresponding trends for wedding events. Perhaps, you can have a list of the wedding trends that your potential client may want to infuse into their wedding.

4. Signature cocktail

Some brides what their drink to be unique that will also represent their nature or lifestyle. Perhaps, you can write about giving some tips on how brides can coordinate with caterers such as the catering services in Quezon City to achieve the signature cocktail.

5. Theme Picking

Whether you realize it or not, choosing the right theme on your wedding day can sometimes be daunting and challenging. That means, there are also couples who are having a hard time choosing theirs. To give them an idea, perhaps, you can list down some tips on how they can choose or pick the right theme that represents their personality.

Wedding Planners

6. The Cost of it All

Planning for a wedding event while saving may be a hard thing to do – but that is not impossible. As a wedding planner, you can give the couple some tips on how they can have the celebration without worrying about spending too much.

7. Dance Song Lists

There are hundreds to thousands of wedding songs. However, you have to pick the songs that are related to your life or love life. Perhaps, you can give the couples some tips on how they can effectively choose (not just any songs but…) the right song for their dance.

8. Picking the Right Attire

Your wedding is a special day. That means, you also have to wear your best outfit. Perhaps, wedding planners can also give some advice or tips on how to choose the right outfit that would fit perfectly with your theme. Moreover, you can also help brides choose the right style of dress for their bodies.

9. Planning Timeline

Couples may find a lot of planning timelines on the internet. However, those samples may not be applicable on the day of your wedding day. That means couples need to hire wedding planners to reach the right time on that day of the event. Perhaps, you can write about how important hiring a wedding planner.

10. Wedding Etiquette

Whether you are aware of it or not, some couples do not know what and what not to do before, during and after the wedding. That means they need someone who can guide them on the things that they need to do. Of course, you can give some tips on how they can work things out.

Although this stuff above may be as simple as you think it is, it gives a great impact on your blog. Brides who wish to know more about weddings can definitely relate to your blog. Just make sure that to use strong keywords to your content for easier and faster way of finding your blog – not to mention, great and informative wedding ideas for your clients.


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