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Wedding Rings

The Hottest Wedding Ring Trends



Wedding Rings

For many women, one of the most important pieces of accent jewelry is their wedding ring. But what has been the best Sellers so far in 2015? There are a wide variety of ring selections to choose from if you are looking for the perfect wedding ring for 2015.

Wedding Ring TrendsThe floral accent ring

Floral accented diamond rings have been one of the most popular wedding rings of 2015. They have also been one of the most popular engagement rings. These rings are blooming with flowers, pedals, Vines, and other decorative décor that appeared to have been pulled straight from the garden. Most of these rings, how the cascade of small buds down the band that adds a romantic, beautiful, feminine touch.

The east-west setting

These rings do not have the traditional flat setting that you would expect from a wedding ring. The stone is set in a horizontal fashion, which makes this tone up your larger than it actually is. This trend works best with the oval or marquise cut diamonds or emerald cuts.

Brightly colored gems and stones

If you prefer a nontraditional engagement ring, a collard ring is a beautiful choice. Diamond can be purchased in various colors like yellow, pink, and blue. However just because a visiting gauge the ring or a wedding ring does not mean the stone must be a diamond. There are multiple other gemstones that you can choose from that will give your ring a beautiful, charming, unique touch. You can purchase sapphires in blue, yellow, or orange and you cannot overlook the idea of a ruby or Emerald.

The halo or double halo wedding ring

The halo setting has been extremely popular for about a year now. However, the recent emerging of the double halo adds an amazing amount of sparkle that cannot be compared to any other ring on the market today.

Mixing up the metals

One of the most difficult decisions in purchasing a ring, is whether you prefer yellow gold, rose cold, or platinum. Due to modern appeal to and it be accepted new trend you can easily mix them all. A modern mixed metal ring stands and stunningly next to a diamond, or other stone.

Art deco ring

Art deco rings are stylish, timeless, and glamorous. When we look back at the creation of the art deco ring, and you realize that flappers may have had style after all.

Signet rings

Signet rings

The ever growing popularity of the signet ring will never grow old. This is because you can ensure that your ring is like no other. Typically, the ring is purchased as a blank slate and personally engraved with a statement, coat of arms, or initials. There is no limit to what you can have an engraved on a signet ring.

The advantage of a signet ring is that you can purchase it in almost any metal that is available as a jewelry store. Having a personally engraved ring, means that so much more than simply purchase a prefab a ring that can be purchased hundreds of times over.

Ensuring you purchase the right ring

To ensure that you purchase it the right ring, take a picture of the soon to be bride with you to the jewelry store. This will ensure that you can properly match her skin color.

When in doubt of the type of metal to purchase you can always purchase a ring that is made of rose of gold. This pink gold has made a massive comeback. The gorgeous feminine shade accents almost any skin tone.



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